Periodically your Facebook Page may disconnect from ShopMessage. If this happens you will see a notification like the one below, or we'll reach out to let you know:

Don't worry this is simple to fix!

Please note that Facebook Page Admin permissions are required to connect a Page to ShopMessage. If you're not currently an Admin, please ask an Admin to update your permissions or connect the page themselves. 

Okay - let's connect! 🔌

Click on "Fix it" or open your Shop Message Dashboard and click on Settings.

Within the settings tab, click on Connect

It may appear that your page is connected, still continue to follow these steps to verify the connection. Click the Edit Page button.

After you've clicked on Edit Page, a drop down menu will appear. From here, simple select the page you would like to reconnect. 

Almost done, just click Continue!

That's it, you're reconnected! 

Checkout more FAQs and Troubleshooting!

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