First, check if the ShopMessage Inline Checkbox widget is properly turned ON.

Go to the "Opt-In Settings" tab on your ShopMessage dashboard, and make sure it's checked "On" (see below). If it is not, check the "On" checkbox and click Save.

Scroll down in the "Opt-In Settings" tab and click "View Checkbox" to open up a new tab.

Check to make sure you have a pre-checked "Send to Messenger" checkbox. Important: If the box is not checked, then please contact support at [email protected].

If you're checkbox is pre-checked (as shown above), you should be using "Add to Cart" mode for your Inline Checkbox Widget. You should make sure you choose "Add to Cart" in the dropdown in Step 2 (as seen below), and then click Save.

Finally, check to make sure your Messages are turned on in "Message Settings".

Make sure you're in the "Message Settings" tab of the ShopMessage dashboard. Then, click on each of the "First Reminder", "Second Remind", and "Third Reminder" and make sure all are set to "On".

Additionally, you can further improve performance by adding in Discount codes to your messages. Mentioning the deal and the discount in the message is even better, especially if you provide an element of time scarcity (e.g. "Don't miss out on this product and get 15% off by clicking below!").

If none of the above helped at all, then please reach out to our team. We're happy to look into your performance ourselves and offer personalized tips!

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