Create a Sponsored Ad within ShopMessage and we'll automatically publish and turn off your ad in Ads Manager! Don't worry, we'll never turn anything live on your behalf. 

Creating a Sponsored Message 

Navigate to the Messenger Ads tab on the left hand side of your screen and click the Create button within the Sponsored Messages section.

Then, name your ad and click Create again.

Editing Your Message

On landing, you'll see the Messages tab, where you can click on any element to edit your message. For more information on using our editor, click here!

We've included placeholder text and images to help you quickly get started with Messenger Ads, but we recommend that you update the text and imagery to fit your brand!

Sponsored Message images must be 1200x628 pixels.

Selecting Your Ad Settings

ShopMessage will automatically create a draft in Ads Manager based on the settings you select here. 

  • Name: Choose the Name you would like to appear in your Ads Manager Account

  • Facebook Ad Account: Choose which Ad Account you would like this Ad to be added to. 

  • Lifetime Budget: A lifetime budget lets you set an amount to spend over the lifetime of an ad set. Our system will automatically try to evenly spread the amount you spend across the period of time that you've selected.

  • Bid Control: Specify a maximum amount Facebook will bid for 1,000 impressions. The minimum bid amount is $30. 

  • Sending Period: Time during which Facebook will keep trying to deliver your message if there is a budget for it.

Once you've edited your Message and Ad Settings you can choose one of the following options in the top right corner:

  • Preview: Send a test Message to your Messenger inbox so you can text the Messenger experience before publishing

  • Save & Publish: If you'r ad is complete, click Save & Publish. This will create the Campaign, Ad Set and Ad in Facebook with your settings. Don't worry, the Campaign will be Paused so it will not start spending until you go to Facebook Ads Manager to turn it on.

  • Save to Drafts: If you would like to finish editing the ad later, just click Save to Drafts and you'll be able to find the ad draft within your Facebook Ads tab. 

  • Copy JSON Code: Clicking this link will open a window that allows you to copy the raw JSON. This is only necessary if you would like to manually build your ad within Ads Manager. To learn more about that, click here

If you have any questions, email us at [email protected]

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