What are Click to Messenger Ads?

ShopMessage Click to Messenger Ads helps your brand start more Messenger conversations and reengage existing customers! Here's what you can expect:

  • 5x Higher Engagement. With up to 80% open rates and 25% click through rates on Messenger, having an open Messenger conversation is worth 3-5X compared to an email subscription.

  • Persistent Placement. Open a conversation in Messenger that persists long after the user leaves the app or your site.

  • Automated Reengagement. If a user interacts with your ad but does not make a purchase, send an automated reminder reiterating the discount or offer. 

What are Sponsored Messages?

Sponsored messages let you send relevant offers, promotions or business updates directly to the people your business is already talking to in Messenger. Advertisers who have already connected with their customers on Messenger, either through a bot for Messenger or live chat support, should use sponsored messages to re-engage with them.

Sponsored messages are best used to nurture existing relationships by sending relevant offers, updates, and other promotional content.
How to create Sponsored Messages?

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