Attaching an image into a Quick Reply helps subscribers to simply understand what the button represents. With this, it will make your Quick Replies more interactive to the customers.

How to add an image into a Quick Reply?

1.) Navigate to the Message Editor.

  • Edit a Growth Plugin, navigate to Follow-up and Click Edit Message in Opt-in Confirmation Message.

  • Edit a Flow, click the Pencil button at the top right of the platform or hover your mouse pointer on the three dots (...) in the first, second, and third reminder under Message Timeline and click Edit.

2.) Navigate to Preview area and Scroll down until you see the Quick Reply button(s). Click on a Quick Reply button to Edit.

  • If the Preview area doesn't have any Element you will not be able to add a Quick Reply. Add an Element first like text, link, image, etc. before you can add a Quick Reply.

3.) Navigate to the Quick Reply editor then click the image button beside the title field and click upload. Choose an appropriate image to attach that will represent the Quick Reply button.

4.) Once you have completed the process of adding an image and uploaded, this is how it should looks like, an image that's beside the Quick Reply title.

Now it's time to add images on your Quick Replies. Edit your Quick Replies now and add an image that would represent the button and the brand.

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