Campaign Setup

To create a new Sponsored Message campaign, follow the steps in the Facebook Ads Manager campaign creation process until you come to the step where you select your Campaign Objectives.

Select "Messages" as your marketing objective. Set up the campaign settings as you normally would.

Next, select a Lifetime Bid and choose the total amount that you'd like to spend. Next, select Bid Cap (as opposed to lowest bid).  You'll also need to expand the Advanced Options and set the Ad Scheduling to Run ads all the time and the Deliver Type to Accelerated. 

Ad Set Setup

After you've created your Messages campaign, you will need to select the Message Destination at the Ad Set level. Choose Sponsored Message (as opposed to Click to Messenger) from the drop down menu and then select the page that you would like to send the message from. 

Your audience and placements will be pre-defined for you. Messages will be sent to people you have an existing conversation with in Messenger. You can refine the target audience under Advanced Options.

Ad Setup - Simple setup without the ShopMessage Bot

To send a simple promotional message that links back to site you do not need to use ShopMessage. 

We recommend you format the message to include Text & Image and select a Button as your Customer Action. You'll then need to fill out the required fields. 

Preview your Message to test the experience and then Publish!

Ad Setup - Advanced setup with the ShopMessage Bot

To set up and advanced Sponsored Message ad with JSON from ShopMessage. You must first create an link with an opt-in confirmation message. Click here for instructions for creating an link.  

The first message of your link just simply be a placeholder. It's best to use a simple Text Element, this will allow you to create the quick reply that will define the rest of your Sponsored Message. 

Here's an example of what your link build should look like:

Once you've built this out, send an email to [email protected] with a link to the plugin. Please specify that you've created the message for a Sponsored Message send and need the payload. When you receive the snippet from the ShopMessage team, you can build your ad. 

You can define the first message however you would like eitherText Only or Text & Image and then fill out the required fields. 

For the Customer Action choose Quick Reply and then decide on your quick reply button text. Once you've done that, paste the payload snippet from ShopMessage into the Bot Payload section.

Preview your Message to test the experience and then Publish!

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