What is Smart Sense?

Smart Sense solves the problem of having multiple popups shown simultaneously, creating a very messy and distracting experience for site visitors.

ShopMessage Smart Sense coordinates with your other popups to show the right popup based on the visitor’s device and Facebook login status. 

Why Is Smart Sense So Smart?

Messenger gets up to 5x open rates and click through rates vs traditional channels like email, making Messenger contacts more valuable than email. addresses.

Plus, customers can give out fake email addresses, but it's much harder to spoof a Facebook account.

Now, with Smart Sense, your site can automatically detect whether a visitor is logged in to Facebook, and offer them a Messenger opt-in. If the visitor is not logged in to Facebook, your site will fall back to email, sms, or any other modals.

Smart Sense combines the information detected about the user to determine which method of information capture will be most likely to succeed.

For example, a user that's already logged in to Facebook on their device can opt-in to discounts in Messenger with one click.

If a user is not logged in Facebook, then the device they are using starts to matter more.

A user who is on a desktop device usually has an entire keyboard available, making it pretty easy to type in an email address. Assuming no typos, of course!

Users on their mobile devices may not want to type a whole email address in with their thumbs. Ann SMS modal for continuing the conversation via text might make more sense, even if the user still has to type in a much shorter subscription confirmation word e.g. "YES".

The important thing to remember is to serve the opt-in modal that provides the least amount of friction to your visitors.

Creating a frictionless experience allows visitors to collect their discounts and merchants to collect valuable follow-up information quickly and easily.

Reducing user friction improves initial purchase intent, while allowing merchants to follow-up with potential customers through the best channel for them.

What Does It Do?

Smart Sense improves the user experience by decluttering that initial interaction with your website.

ShopMessage can already sense whether a user is logged in to Facebook, whether or not the user is already an existing contact, and what devices they are using to access a merchant's site.

Now, ShopMessage can also sense whether or not a merchant's landing page is becoming cluttered by multiple modals from other email and SMS opt-in capture providers vying for customer attention.

If multiple modals are detected, Smart Sense will default to coordinating the display of the ShopMessage modal with 3rd party provider, giving preference to ShopMessage.

ShopMessage won't overwhelm the visitor, and will help merchants reach customers through the best channel for them. 

What Else Does It Do?

In addition to giving preference to ShopMessage, Smart Sense can instead be set to prefer 3rd Party Modals, or (No Modifications).

When ShopMessage is preferred, you are able to create order and hierarchy between your different modals.


When Smart Sense is set to prefer ShopMessage modals, it will hide 3rd Party Modals until after the ShopMessage modal has been completed.

This declutters the landing page and captures the most valuable contact information first. This does not disrupt the ability to capture email or SMS info in the future, 

ShopMessage plays nicely with:

  • Privy

  • BounceExchange

  • OptiMonk

  • Wheelio

  • Sumo

  • Attentive

  • Klaviyo

  • Dynamic Yield

  • Omnisend.

3rd Party Modals

When Smart Sense is set to prefer 3rd Party modals, ShopMessage will defer to displaying partner modals, and will only display when no other modals are detected.

This setting may not declutter the landing page as much as 3rd party modals will follow their own settings as normal.

Your ShopMessage persistent promo pills in the minimized state will be unaffected, and will continue to be accessible.

(No Modifications)

When Smart Sense is set to not make any modifications, any and all modals may display simultaneously. This may cause clutter on the landing page.

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