Add a Send to Messenger button or checkbox widget to your OptiMonk design to increase your Messenger opt-ins!

Add a Facebook Messenger widget or Send to Messenger button your OptiMonk promotion to increase opt-ins and send more messages! Add the widget as an addition to your email capture campaign while collecting email addresses at the same time! It takes just a few minutes to get started!

1. Navigate to the Growth Plugin tab in your ShopMessage dashboard and click Create. Next choose Integration with Existing Modal as the plugin type. Next, select OptiMonk and then name your plugin. 

You'll then want to copy your Growth Plugin ID. 

2. After you've copied your Growth Plugin ID navigate to your OptiMonk design editor. Then, Drag the Messenger Element onto your design where you would like to place your checkbox or button. 

3. Once you've placed your widget, choose ShopMessage underneath the integration settings. 

Then paste the Growth Plugin ID that you previously copied into the Widget ID section.

4. Select the Type of widget you would like to use, either a checkbox or a button.

Please note that a checkbox can be use alongside the OptiMonk opt-in button (in this case "Spin!"), but to use the button you must remove the opt-in button. If you remove the opt-in button the Send to Messenger button will then allow users to opt in with both email and Messenger with one click.

If you have additional questions, send us a note!

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