What is a Shipping Notification?

A Shipping Notification Flow is triggered once an order in Shopify has been assigned a tracking number and URL. 

To receive a message from this flow a user simply has to opt-in to receive messages from your Page. Consider turning on the Order Confirmation plugin to increase post-purchase opt-ins! 

We recommend keeping this Flow to a single message that includes a link to tracking their order and a list of their products. This is a transactional message that brings delight to the user!

Creating a Shipping Notification Flow

Navigate to the Flows tab of your ShopMessage Dashboard and then click on the Shipping Notification template. A new window will pop up prompting you to choose a Flow Name and Template. 

By default the template and Flow name will be populated for you, but you can rename the flow anything you'll easily recognize. 

Our default template will automatically display but you can click any of the pencil icons to edit the flow. 

Shipping Notification Flow Rules

By default, Shipping Notification Flows are triggered when a user triggers an OrderShipped  event that has a tracking_url where the property exists.

There are no users excluded from this flow as it is considered a transaction message, similar to email. 

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