Create an order updates growth tool to add a Send to Messenger button to your Shopify Thank You Page

Please note that order updates are currently only available for Shopify users. 

What's are Order Updates?

Order updates allow users to opt into messaging after they've competed a purchase. A user can simply click a button to receive updates on their order via ShopMessage flows. Once a user has opted in you can continue nurturing customers after they’ve purchased, create additional follow-up touch point and more upsell or winback opportunities!

Creating an Order Update Plugin 

1. Setup

Visit the Growth Plugins tab in your dashboard and click Create in the top right corner.

On the next screen, scroll down and click on Order Updates

Next, choose a name for your link that you'll be able to easily identify in your dashboard. Then click on Create.

2. Design

Displayed Settings

This is how your plugin will initially appear before a user opts in. For this state you can leave the default or you can edit the Title, Description, Send to Messenger button text and Send to Messenger button color. 

Use the editing fields on the left hand side of your screen to customize. 

Completed Settings

This is how the plugin will display after a user opts in. You can leave the default or use the editor on the left to customize the title and description.

3. Follow-up

Decide how you want to interact with your users after they opt in to receive order updates.

Send an Opt-In Confirmation Message

Sending an opt-in confirmation message allows you to immediately reach new contacts with the information that is most relevant to their interaction. 

Click Edit Message to move to the message editor. We've drafted a short preset confirmation that you can send immediately after a new contact opts-in via the Order Confirmation plugin.

Send Order Updates Flows

Send your contacts both the Order Confirmation and Shipping Notification Flows. Turn both of the flows on to automatically create flow drafts that you can view or edit in the Flows section of your dashboard.

4. Advanced Follow-up

Organize Contacts to target them later

You can trigger an event or set a user property based on an opt-in. 

Learn more about custom events and visitor properties. 

5. Publish your plugin!

Click Publish in the top right corner of your screen to set your plugin live!

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