M.Me links allow you to share links to conversational interactions with your business, on demand. Now you can send a link via email, sms, on your social media channels or anywhere else you want to track inbound Messenger traffic from. 

When a user clicks on your link they'll be directed to your Page's Messenger window and entered into an experience you've built based around that specific entry point in the conversation! 

1. Setup

To start sharing your own unique Messenger links visit the Growth Plugins tab in your dashboard and click Create in the top right corner. 

Scroll down and click on M.Me Link.  

Next, choose a name for your link that you'll be able to easily identify in your dashboard. Then click on Create.

In the Setup tab you'll see two sections:

Your M.Me URL 

This is the link that you will share with your customers. You cannot edit this link within the ShopMessage dashboard. Your URL will default to m.me/[PAGEURL]. If you would like to change your Page URL, please do this within your Facebook settings.

Custom Ref Parameter Value

The ref parameter will appear at the end of your m.me link. The default parameter is the id of your link. This is customizable and should be used to differentiate between multiple m.me links. To change the Custom Ref Parameter in your M.Me URL, use the Custom Ref Parameter Value input field.

2. Follow-up

Decide how you want to interact with your users after they click on the M.me link. 

Send an Opt-In Confirmation Message

Sending an opt-in confirmation message allows you to immediately reach new contacts with the information that is most relevant to their interaction. If you incentivized your opt-in with a discount or contest, send the necessary details here. 

Click Create Message to move to the message editor. We've drafted a short preset confirmation that you can send immediately after a new contact opts-in via the M.me link.

3. Advanced Follow-up

Enter User Into a Flow

Enter new contacts into a flow to send a series of messages. Flows allow you to send multiple messages, at pre-determined times. 

Click on Create Flow to move to the message editor and then choose a name for your flow. 

*Pro-tip: create a short confirmation message only. Then send a formal welcome to your brand that includes more information, at a time when you're less likely to interrupt the customer's current interaction with your brand.

Organize Contacts to target them later

You can trigger an event or set a user property based on an M.me opt-in. 

Learn more about custom events and visitor properties. 

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