Organic Testing

To test the organic behavior of your plugin open an incognito browsing window and navigate to and login to your account. After you've done this, open another tab and navigate to your website. From there, perform the behavior that should trigger your plugin. 

Force Display

You can force your plugin to display by adding variations of the following string to your URL. 


To see your own plugin you'll need to paste your Plugin ID over the <pluginId> section of the URL. To find your plugin ID, navigate to the Growth Tool section of your dashboard and click on the plugin you would like to test. 

From there, select and copy the number after /plugins/ and before /edit/.  

Then, paste that number int your string:

You can then chose which state you would like to fire by adding one of the following options after shopmsg_overlay_state= 

  • initial - this will display the opened state of the plugin

  • submitted - this will display the closed state of the plugin

  • minimized - this will display the persistent pill state of the plugin
    *the minimized state will not respond to a click

Please note that using this extension will force your plugin to immediately display on whichever page you are viewing despite any behavior rules you have set. 

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