If you would like to show your growth plugin only on specific pages or hide it on specific pages, you can do that using our advanced rules!

Navigate to the Behaviors Tab of your Growth Plugin editor and then scroll down to the Advanced section.

If you'd like to only show or hide your url on certain pages, choose a unique portion of the URL that would include the page(s) that you would like to show or hide the growth tool on. Then insert that portion of the URL into your advanced rules. 

Our URL rules work off of a "contains" rule set, so whenever we detect a URL that contains the portion of the URL that you've included, we'll show or hide the rule depending on your specification.

For example:
If you would like to display the plugin on only product pages (https://shopmessage-example.com/products/white-t-shirt) you would add /products/  to the Only who on pages: section.

Here's what this should look like:

You can use this technique on both Only show on pages and Hide on pages. 

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