Is the pre-check gone? 

Yes, as of April 9, 2019 Facebook removed the pre-checked checkbox widget feature for all stores. 

Why did this happen?

Facebook made this change to preserve the user experience and so that users explicitly opt in to receiving a message in Messenger. Other Facebook widgets allow for more explicit opt-ins and an overall better user experience for your customers. 

Can I still use the checkbox widget?

Yes, you're welcome to use still display checkbox widget as you normally would. User can manually opt-in by checking the box before clicking on "Add to Cart". Please note that we typically see less than 2% of users opt-in this way. 

How do I turn the the checkbox on or off? 

Visit your ShopMessage dashboard and click "Settings," then click on "Checkbox Widget". From there, toggle the button next to "Checkbox Widget Below Add to Cart Button" to turn it off or on. A blue button means it is on, gray means it is off. 

Will my Page still send abandon cart or other flows?

Yes, your Page will continue to send messages to all users who had previously opted in. Once users opt-in one time, then they are opted in for that browser session using the cookie. So, even if they uncheck the box later, they are already opted in.

This functions exactly like the email world, where when you opt-in one time, you'll get abandoned cart messages, receipts, browse abandon, etc.

How do I continue to grow my subscriber list? 

We're so glad you asked! Activate a ShopMessage growth plugin today to start converting site browsers into subscribers. Get started here

I still have questions!

Great, we're here to assist during this transition. Send us a note via our in-app support or to [email protected]

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