We wanted to make it easy for you to start messaging your website visitors right away, so we've designed Flow templates that work out of the box. 

Although you can use our templates out of the box, we suggest that you update all text and images to fit your brand. 

Here is a list of our pre-built Flow options:

  • Browse Abandonment: Send light touch message to bring a recently browsed product to top of mind. 

  • Cart Abandonment: Send message reminders to users who have added an item to their cart, but have not completed a purchase.

  • Customer Thank You: Send a thank you note, receipt, future discount and more to anyone who completes a purchase.

  • Purchase Anniversary: Celebrate the day a user made a purchase with a special note and offer.

  • Customer Winback: Re-engage lapsed buyers with a note and offer. 

Setting up Flow Templates

First, choose which Flow you would like to set up first. We recommend starting with Abandon Cart, Customer Thank You and Browse Abandonment. 

Step 1: Choosing a Template

Navigate to the Flows tab of your dashboard, then click the + next to the Flow that you would like to create. For this example, we'll chose Cart Abandonment. After you click + a pop up will appear prompting you to name your flow. You can leave the default flow name, or create a custom name. Next, click on Create.

Step 2: Review and Edit Your Flow

Scroll down to the Message Timeline section of your Flow Overview. Here you will see all of the pre-built messages in your flow, their names and when each message will fire. 

Click on the pencil icon next to any message to move to the editor. 

Please note that each timeframe is sent based on when your flow was triggered, not based on the last message. 

You'll then be taken to our editor screen, simply click an existing component to edit. Update copy, images, quick replies and more!

Need more help navigating the editor? Check out our Editor overview!

Step 3: Review Recommendations

When possible, ShopMessage will make smart recommendations for your flows to help you optimize your performance. In the Cart Abandonment flow we suggest that you add a discount to each reminder. 

Click on any Recommendation to automatically be brought the portion of the Message Editor to follow through on the recommendation. 

By clicking a discount recommendation, you'll be taken to the discount section of the Message Editor. Simply add your pre-created discount to the Discount Code field to auto apply the discount when a user clicks on your link!

Tip: Mention the discount in your Checkout Button text to let users know!

Step 4: Review Your Rules

All of our flow templates are pre-built with rules that are designed to work out of the box. You do not need to edit any of our template rules unless you are trying to customize any rules, unless your are hoping for a custom scenario.

If you want to learn more about custom rules, click here

Step 5: Publish Your Flow

Click on Publish Flow in the top right hand corner to set your flow live!

Now, your flow template is live and will begin sending! 

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