Unique to the ShopMessage flows you're already familiar with, the Welcome flow is fired when a user opts into receive messages from one of your growth tools. 

To receive a message from this flow a user simply has to opt-in to receive messages from your Page. Find out more how users opt-in here. 

We recommend keeping this Flow to a single message that includes a short, friendly welcome and a request for this user to opt into receive messages. Once they've opted in, offer them a promotion!

Create a Welcome Flow

From the follow-up tab of your Growth Tool editor, click on Create Flow and you will automatically be redirected to our Flow Editor with a pre-built Welcome Flow.

**if you would prefer you can 


Edit Your Messages to Fit Your Brand

You will need to customize the templates to reflect your own brand voice and creative.
Within your Message Timeline, you'll se that we've pre-set one Welcome Message to be sent immediately after a user has opted into receive messages from your brand. 

Click on the pencil icon to move to the message editor. 

Please note that you should update all text and images to fit your brand. ShopMessage has input sample elements to guide you through the template, but we recommend updating to your brand voice and style. 

Welcome Flow Rules

By default, Welcome Flows are triggered when a user triggers a MessengerOptin event. 

Users who have unsubscribed or clicked on a “snooze” button in the last thirty days will be excluded. 

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