ShopMessage Growth Tools let you capture opt-ins at key points in the customer journey. Our one-click opt-in options create a frictionless experience for your customers, while helping you to grow your Contact list. 

Why Use Growth Tools:

Building your Messenger Contact list is essential to your brands success, the easiest way to grow your list is by implementing one or more of the ShopMessage Growth Plugins. 

Our Growth Plugins use proven strategies to grow your Contact list by collecting Facebook Messenger opt-ins. Similar to email capture strategies that you're already familiar with, our growth tools allow users to opt-in to receive messages from your page. The difference is Messenger opt-ins require just one click! 

How Growth Tools Work:

We deploy smart Plugins (or pop ups) that display your custom promotions to shoppers on your website at exactly the right time. 

Choose a promotion that fits into your site experience, and does not compete with other modals you may already be using. You will be able to customize the content, behavior, and style of your Growth Plugin. Create multiple Growth Plugins to execute multiple strategies simultaneously and maximize your opt-in rate.

We've put together a series of articles to help you understand, create and activate custom plugins for your website. Click on the articles below get started:

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