Choose the Growth Tool that's right for your brand and your customers. We’ve created multiple Growth Tools strategies to make sure there’s a tool that's right for every site! 

We recommend turning on multiple growth tools to strategically build your Messenger Contact list. 

What Types of Growth Tools Strategies are Available:

  • Promotion on Arrival
    Maximize your impressions by presenting all eligible customers an offer within moments of arriving at your store.

  • Promotion on Intent
    Decide what means intent for your brand and then present your offer. Intent can be defined as viewing the page for X-seconds, scrolling down Y% of the page, or adding an item to their cart.

  • Promotion on Exit Intent
    Wait to display your promotion until your customer appears to be navigating away from your store. 

  • Persistent Promotion
    This hybrid promotion will render as a pill in the bottom corner of your page until your customer engages with it, or an Intent rule is triggered.

  • Post-Purchase Promotion
    Ensure opt-in collection by celebrating your customer with an offer they can save for their next visit. 

  • The Facebook Checkbox Widget
    The standard Facebook checkbox widget is placed underneath your Add to Cart button, opting users in when they are logged into Facebook and the checkbox is checked. The Facebook checkbox widget, currently has two default states: checked or unchecked. 

How to Choose a Strategy that works with your existing website modals:

  • If you are not currently using an email pop up modal:
    We suggest starting with the Welcome promo, Purchase Intent Promo, AND Exit intent. Similar to your flows, you'll want to vary the text and possibly even your discount offer.

    This is the most effective way to reach users at key points of their customer journey. Don't worry, we only show your promotions to visitors that are not already in your list of contacts.

  • If are currently using an email pop up modal:
    Determine at which points your email modal is popping up. If you're using your email modal for a Welcome promotion, but you don't have an Exit Intent promotion, use the ShopMessage Growth Tool for Exit Intent.

    If you're already collecting emails with Welcome and Exit Intent promotions, we suggest taking advantage of the Persistent Promo or the Post-Purchase Promo.

    The Persistent Promo is a non-intrusive way to let the customer know about the promotion. The Post-Purchase Promo is a great way to capture opt-ins from your most engaged customers by offering them a discount on their next purchase.

    Please note that our smart logic will prevent our plugin from competing with any of our partner’s plugins. 

Now you're ready to create your own Growth Tool!

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