What is ShopMessage? 

ShopMessage is an app for ecommerce stores that tracks events on your website and sends follow up messages via Facebook Messenger. 

Some scenarios where this is helpful include:

  • abandoned cart reminders

  • welcome sequences

  • order confirmations

  • browse abandonment reminders

  • customer purchase anniversary

For more information about ShopMessage, or to view a demo, click here

What do I need to get started? 

To use ShopMessage you'll need both an ecommerce website and a Facebook Page. 

Does ShopMessage support my website? 

ShopMessage supports any platform as long as you have the ability to add Javascript on every page of the purchase process. 

We currently offer plugins for Shopify and Magento 1, but you can integrate with any platform using our Javascript client SDK

How do I create an account? 

Visit https://app.shopmessage.me/signup to sign up today. From there complete four simple steps to finish your account 

  1. Fill out your contact information

  2. Connect your Facebook Page

  3. Connect your website

  4. Add a payment method

Try ShopMessage completely risk free for 30 days!

Choose an Opt-in Method

You need to choose a way to opt users into your Messenger contact list, think of this like your email collection efforts. ShopMessage has three types of opt-in methods. We suggest activating one or more growth tools to grow your contact list. 

  • ShopMessage Growth Tools allow you to strategically place incentivized pop ups on your website. These pop ups allow your users to opt in with just one click!

    Get started with Growth Tools here!

  • ShopMessage Integrations allow you to add a Facebook Messenger Checkbox Widget or Send to Messenger Widget to your existing modals to collect options.

    Click to check out our Privy and OptiMonk integrations. 

Activate your flows

Each ShopMessage flow is built to work right out of the box, so setting up and turning on your flows takes just a few minutes. To get started, visit the Flows section of your dashboard and click the + symbol next to the flow you want to publish.

We recommend starting with Abandon Cart, Customer Thank You and Browse Abandonment. Although you can use our templates out of the box, we suggest that you update all text and images to fit your brand.

Learn more about using our flow templates here

Other Items to Consider

  • Are you prepared for customer service inquiries to increase?
    Most customer support help desks allow you automatically close out all tickets coming from quick-replies or buttons. That way the only remaining messages are the ones that truly require a response.
    We suggest updating your existing helpdesk, or check out our Gorgias Integration!

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