Audience Segment Update

We've updated campaign audiences to improve the campaign experience for your customers. 

Previously, the only option brands had was to send segment campaigns by where the targeting was applied to all users who have opted into your brand.

This allowed maximum reach, but led to poor experiences for customers that interact with your brand on multiple devices or multiple browsers. For example, a customer who opted in on two devices would receive duplicate messages. A customer who opted out of one of the opt-ins may still receive messages sent against the second opt-in. 

This problem exists because when a customer opts in, the Facebook API sends ShopMessage an anonymous identification per opt-in called the User Ref. You can think of this like a burner number. As a result, ShopMessage does not know that two opt-ins represent the same person. Facebook does this for privacy reasons, though ShopMessage tries to reconciles identities to the best of our abilities (e.g. through link tracking).

We can address the problems with sending against User Ref because when a customer responds to a message, either through sending a quick reply or a message, the Facebook API returns a unique identifier called the PSID that is unique to that person. 

So, going forward, we're audiences will only send to those customers for whom we have a PSID for. The advantage of sending this way is that customers will have a better experience by avoiding the duplicate message and unsubscribe problems with sending to all customers for whom we have a User Ref for. The disadvantage is there will be reduced reach in a campaign since the customers for whom we have a PSID is a smaller subset of the overall set of customers for whom we have a User Ref.

If requested, brands still have the option to send both ways, but we generally recommend that for more frequent messages or messages with broad targeting (e.g. All Recipients), brands should send only to those for whom we have a PSID for. For less frequent messages or messages with more precise targeting (e.g. All Buyers), we recommend you send using User Ref to maximize reach given that you are sending to a higher intent audience.

We will be bringing the ability to set this option into the merchant dashboard shortly but for now, you can always let your account manager know how you would like to send a campaign and we will select the appropriate option for you.

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