Why you should use Custom Events:

Using quick replies you can Trigger Events to segment users into custom audiences, or fire flows based on that custom event. These Events are fired when a user clicks on a quick reply, which automatically updates the information ShopMessage is storing about each individual contact. 

For example, you could ask your users a question (eg. what is your favorite color?) and then store these answers in the user's profile (eg. favorite_color = "red" ). You can later use the favorite_color field to segment your audience or even fire an event based on their selection

Adding Custom Events:
To add a custom event to your quick replies, navigate to the message editor of the flow or template message that you would like to update.
You can add new quick replies or update the existing replies in the template. 

Then, choose the Trigger Event tab of the quick reply editor. 

By default, ShopMessage offers standard events within some of our templates and some recurring options that you can use. Some of our defaults include QuickReplyThanks , QuickReplyNoThanks and Unsubscribe .

Choose from one of these options, or create your own event. We do suggest adding QuickReply to your event, so it's easily identifiable. You will also want to keep track of each event so you can reference it later. 

Here's an custom event example to go with our previous question: QuickReplyColorRed . Simply type this into the event field, click Done, and Save your message. 

Now that you've created a Custom Event, let's learn how to create your own flow rules!

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