Add a checkbox widget to your Privy promotion to increase opt-ins!

Add your Facebook Messenger widget to your Privy promotion to increase opt ins and allow you to create flows to target users higher in the funnel! Add the widget as an addition to your email capture campaign and incentivize opt-ins while collecting email addresses at the same time! Or, replace your email capture with a Messenger opt-in. 

Step One: Create a new Growth Plugin

Create a growth plugin in ShopMessage and choose "Integration with Existing Modal", then choose "Privy".

Next, copy the Snippet that you will paste into Privy.

Step Two: Integrating the ShopMessage widget with Privy

Select the Privy campaign that you would like to use for your ShopMessage opt in and click on the Design tab. From there click on Click to edit next to Popup Design.

In the design editor, click on Add Element and choose Add HTML. 

A small text window will appear on your campaign preview and an editor will appear on the left hand side of your screen.

Delete everything in the text box and then Paste the ShopMessage Snippet

Then click on Save. Please note that you will not be able to see a preview of the checkbox widget, but it will display on your site once your integration in live. 

Step Three: Edit your Opt-in Message & Publish

Be sure to update the Follow-up tab with the opt-in message that you would like to send and then Publish your plugin!

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