Why Use the Browse Abandonment Flow:

Browse abandonment messages provide a light reminder for your users who have viewed an item on your site, but have not yet added an item to their cart or completed a purchase. 

Optimizing Your Messages:

Our browse abandonment template works great out of the box and incorporates our best practices, but be sure to tailor your messages to fit your brand voice.

  • This flow should contain only one message.
    You do not want to bombard users with messages after simply browsing, one message is a sufficient reminder. Even if it doesn't result in a purchase you're increasing brand awareness. 

  • Include a light welcome note.
    Browse abandonment messages are a lighter touchpoint than some of your other flows. Thank a user for stopping by or ask them if something caught their eye. 

  • Remind users what they liked.
    Our template automatically includes a product card element which will display the product your users were viewing, be sure to include this so they recognize their items. 

Additional Messaging Opportunities:

After a user has responded in a positive way, try adding some additional information, options or offers.

  • Offer other options.
    You don't need to focus strictly on the product a user viewed. Including other best sellers can attract users back to your website.

    Tip: Try adding a carousel of products.

  • Provide a discount or a sense of urgency.
    Consider adding a small discount or a sense of urgency to drive users who are on the fence to purchase.

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