Create a New Campaign

1. Choose a Name and Template

First, click the Campaigns tab of your ShopMessage Dashboard and then click on the New Campaign button. A new window will pop up prompting you to chose a Campaign Name, Messaging Type, Audience and Timing.

  • Name your campaign something that will be easily recognized and outline what the campaigns purpose is (IE Holiday Sale - Lapsed Buyers). To build your own custom Flow, choose the Custom Flow Template. 
  • Choose Subscription Messaging as Messaging Type. This is currently the only available option, but new messaging types are coming soon. 
  • Choose an Audience to send your campaign to. ShopMessage has several pre-built audiences for you to choose from. When you select an audience a description will display. 
  • Choose your campaign Timing. You can decide to send the campaign now or schedule it for a time in the future. 

2. Edit Your Campaign Creative

Using the Campaign Editor, create a campaign that does the following:

  • Engages your contacts: Send users news about your brand, engage them with questions and striking images. The key is to make the conversations interactive and fun.
    Using the Campaign Editor
  • Turns contacts into subscribers: Incentivize contacts to join your subscriber list. To do this, use quick replies that are interactive, conversational and update your contacts user properties subscriber status
    Using Quick Replies to Set User Properties
  • Follow up with a promotional offer: After a user responds to your message, you can now send them a promotional message.

Here's what a successful campaign should look like! Don't forget to be creative!

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