Broadcast Messages are an effective way to keep your audience engaged, increase sales and build brand loyalty. 

Facebook Policies

To fully understand what Facebook allows in terms of broadcast messaging, please read Facebook's  Messaging Guidelines.

Subscription Messaging 

Subscription messaging allows you to send regular content (non-promotional) to a person on Messenger at any time! This is a great way to share news and engage users. 

Once a user has responded to a message from your Page, you are then allowed to send them a promotional message. This is commonly referred to as the '24 + 1 policy', you can read more about that here

Tip: The best practice around this is starting the conversation in an interactive way and having the customer reply to you (via a quick reply) before sending a promotional message.

How do other brands send promotional messages? 

Some brands may choose to subscription or promotional messages outside of Facebook's policies.

Facebook monitors your Page's block, delete and spam rate to ensure you're providing a positive Messenger experience. If those rates spike above a certain threshold, then the page is likely to be restricted from sending messages. 

Take care to follow Facebook's guidelines to ensure that there are no restrictions placed on your page. When sending a campaign, keep in mind that Facebook measures your negative feedback to his typically happens when users do not expect to get a message. 

How do I monitor my Page's Message insights?

To monitor your  Page’s Message Insights navigate to your Facebook Page > Insights > Messages.

My Page received a Facebook Limitation after I sent a campaign, what do I do? 

Send us a note via our in-app support or email us at [email protected] and we'll assist with your appeal process. 

COMING SOON: Promotional messages will be a paid feature that uses Facebook's Sponsored Messaging.

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