What are the default UTM codes?

By default, ShopMessage will assign the following UTM parameters to your links automatically:

  • utm_source = shopmessage

  • utm_medium = fbmessenger

  • utm_campaign= shpmsg_6067*

*Note that the number associated with each campaign parameter will be unique to that link. 

Editing the UTM parameters on your Abandon checkout flow. 

Navigate to your Abandon Checkout flow and then click on Edit

Next, click on the pencil icon that appears as you roll over the Cart Element.

From there click on the Advanced tab of the cart element and scroll down until you see Query Params. Then click on +Param to add a custom UTMs. Add up to three to edit all of your UTM parameters.

In this section, add each query that you would like to update. You'll include  utm_medium , utm_source  and/or utm_campaign  on the left hand side as the query key and your custom Google Analytic UTMS on the right in the value field.

Add UTM parameter to other parts of the editor. 

If you would like to add a link to one of your flows or campaigns, you can use custom UTMs by doing one of the follow:

1. Add JUST the exact query parameters that you would like to use after the {{ site.domain }} variable

Here's an example:
 {{ site.domain }}  ?utm_source=test&utm_medium=shopmessage&utm_campaign=one


2. Add the exact link, with your custom UTM parameters, to any link field of the ShopMessage editor:
Here's an example:

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