In some instances you may only want to send a discount if a user has an average order value higher than a certain amount -- or lower than a certain amount. With inclusion and exclusion rules you can tailor your flows however you'd like!

Using Inclusion Rules to Segment Flows by Order Value

To send messages to a user with a certain order value, you'll need to update your existing Inclusion Rule. Navigate to your Inclusion Rules by visiting the ShopMessage Dashboard > Flows and Click on the Flow that you would like to edit. Next, navigate to your Rules tab. 

By default, your Abandon Checkout Flow will have one Inclusion Rule, based on any update cart event. Here's what this will look like.

To edit this rule we need to change Has any properties to Has. This will allow a property field to display with a variable drop down. 

Update the property to total_price and select Greater than (or Less than) from the drop down menu.

In the field containing 0 input the order value amount that you would like to use to determine who will be included in this Flow. For this example, we'll only include users who have an order value of $100.00 or higher.

Please note:

  • Shopify prices default to cents, you'll need to reflect cents in your Inclusion Rule. 

  • If you plan to have more than one cart segmenting by order value, please ensure that both flows contain the proper inclusion filters. For example, if one flow is for carts with an order value of $100 or more, you'll need to ensure the other one includes carts with an order value of $99 or less. This way we can ensure users will only receive one message. 

Tip: Add two zeros to any dollar amount to easily convert dollars to cents!

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