Why Use the Customer Thank You Flow:

The Order Confirmation Flow provides value to your users and helps you reach your business goals. Thank you notes increase brand loyalty and offer a unique opportunity to reach users who already interested in your brand with special offers.

Use our Thank You Flow out of the box or mimic your most successful email flows. 

Optimizing Your Messages:

Tailor your messages to fit your brand voice and incorporate already successful post purchase practices. 

  • Welcome the buyer to your brand.
    An order confirmation is an opportunity to celebrate the special moment when a buyer joins your brand's family.

    Tip: Include a thank you note or a personalized note directly from the Founder of your brand.

  • Include a receipt and order tracking option.
    Including these elements makes it easy for your purchasers to access order information. 

Additional Messaging Opportunities:

What works best for your brand? Here's where to include your personalized upsells and offers. Add elements to your existing message or create another message in your flow to create more opportunities for engagement.

Here are some examples of ways to keep your users engaged: 

  • Upsell opportunities.
    Post-purchase has proven to be one of the best opportunities to upsell your customer on another offer. Offer buyers discount and list of other products they may be interested in!

    Tip: Create a carousel of best selling products or link to a best sellers page. 

  • Ask for a review.
    Know your product will be delivered in seven days? Send a follow up message on day eight to collect customer feedback and ask for a review! 

  • Introduce branded content.
    Do you have a popular blog, web series, Instagram channel or monthly subscription? 

  • Introduce a VIP program.
    Since you can send different flows based on the user’s purchase value, you can an introduce a VIP or Loyalty program for buyers who spend more than $150, or whether threshold you decide.

Coming Soon

We will be adding Shipping Notifications in a future release!

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