Use the Message Editor to craft personalized, automated message Flows that work for your brand!

We make it easy to get to our editor, just click on the click on the Pencil icon or Edit Message button of the message that you would like to edit.

Adding and Deleting Messages

Use the blue cursor on the left hand side of your editor to edit or add messages. When the cursor displays two arrows you'll be able to add a message where the cursor is sitting by clicking on a new element. When the cursor does not display two arrow, clicking will allow you to edit that element of the message. 

To delete an element within your message, hover over the message until you see a trash can icon appear. Click that icon and then confirm you'd like to delete this element.

Types of Message Elements

There are currently six components you can currently add to your Flow messages: Text, Link, Image, Cart, Carousel, Receipt.

Text Element
The text element is a simple text string that you can customize with emojis, event variables or user variables!

Tip: Search our emoji finder to quickly add personality to your messages!

Link Element
The link element allows you to add a string of text and buttons that will link to a URL. Add as many buttons as you'd like!

Image Element
The image element allows you to add a single image (.jpg, .png or .gif) to your message. Your can also include one button that leads to a URL.

Cart Element
Adding a cart element to your Flow will show a user the item(s) they've added to their cart from their most recent UpdateCart event. Add a discount to your cart to incentivize purchases! 

The cart element only works out of the box when ShopMessage is properly integrated on your website.

Please note, the cart details that are pulled into your preview are from the most recent UpdateCart event on your site.

Not sure how to create a discount? Find out here!

Carousel Element
Use the carousel elements to add multiple cards that consist of an image, title, subtitle and one or more button links!

This is a great way to showcase products or collections!

Receipt Element
Add the receipt element to include order information from a recent PurchaseComplete event. 

Brands typically use this element as is. If you would like to further customize this element, click the Advanced Tab.

Quick Replies
Quick Replies make it easy for users to interact with your brand, use quick replies to ask questions, gauge how your messages have been received,  create Message branches and set user properties.

To add a quick reply use the +Quick Reply button to add up to 11 quick replies! You will only be able to add quick replies to the most recent element in your message. 

Please note: Quick Replies have a 20 character limit

Quick Reply Branches
Quick replies allow you to create new message branches. Customers will receive different responses depending on the quick reply that they choose. 

Once you've added your quick replies, a line will appear that says "Branch on Quick Reply". On that line click on the reply that you would like to use to create a new Message branch. Once you've selected the reply you'd like to work on, simply click the element that you would like to use as your reply. 

Learn how to use your quick replies to set visitor properties. This is important for adding subscribe and unsubscribe actions. 

Have more questions about using our editor? Email us at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you!

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