Create a New Flow

Learn how to create your own customized Flows! For this example, we're going to create a First Anniversary Flow.

1. Choose a Name and Template

First, click the Flows tab of your ShopMessage Dashboard and then click on the Create button. A new window will pop up prompting you to chose a Flow Name and Template.

Name your flow something that will be easily recognized and outline what the flow does. To build your own custom Flow, choose the Custom Flow Template. After you've chosen a name and template, click Create.

2. Define the Message Timeline

The Message Timeline editor allows you to decide how many messages will be in your flow. By Default, there will be one message in a custom template that is sent as soon as someone enters your flow. 

To add a Message to your flow click on Add Message. If you decide you no longer need that message, simply click on the trash can icon. 

Once you've added your message(s) you can rename the message(s) and decide on timing. Choose a metric for your delay (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months) and choose a numerical value for that delay. For this Anniversary Flow, we've decided to send the first message one year after a user enters the flow. 

You may want to try spacing out your messages as you would an email sequence.
Don't forget to click Save.

3. Edit Your Messages

Click on any of the pencil icons to easily edit any message in the Flow. You'll then be taken to our editor screen, simply click an existing component to exit or choose an element to add. Update copy, images, quick replies and more!

Learn more about using our Message Editor here!

3. Define the Flow Rules

This is where you'll decide who should receive your message. Click on the Rules tab in the top left corner.

Inclusion rules allow you to define when someone should be included in a flow, based on a user event. Right now, inclusion rules are limited to one event. 

For the First Anniversary Flow, we'll want to include anyone who has triggered a PurchaseComplete event.

Exclusion rules allow you to define when someone should be excluded from a flow so that they do not receive messages from this flow. Exclusion rules can be based on one or more visitor property or event. By default, our templates will exclude anyone who has clicked a button with an action set to snooze (within the last 30 days) or unsubscribe.

For the First Anniversary Flow, we'll only want users to receive this message one time, so we'll exclude any user who has triggered a MessageSent event from this sequence_id at any time. 

Want to create your own? Learn how to find your sequence_id or, learn more about rules!

4. Preview and Publish Your Flow!

Use the Preview button to send a your message right to your Facebook Messenger inbox! Please note, you'll need to check the checkbox widget to send your message. 

Then publish your Flow to start sending messages to anyone who meets your flow guidelines!

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