Get started using Flows is easier when you know what each automation term means! Let's get started:

A Flow is an automated message or a series of messages sent to people who are browsing on site based on their site activity that are triggered by a specific set of rules.

Inclusion Rules
Inclusion Rules allow you to define when someone should be included in a Flow, based on a user event. Right now, inclusion rules are limited to one event.

Exclusion Rules
Exclusion Rules allow you to define when someone should be excluded from a Flow so that they do not receive messages from this flow. Exclusion rules can be based on one or more visitor property or event. 

Events are actions taken on your site that ShopMessage is able to track. Events available out of the box are ViewProduct, UpdateCart, PurchaseComplete, MessageSent and MessengerOptin. 

Event Property
Event Properties include information that ShopMessage is tracking about an event. The best way to see which event properties are available is by downloading the ShopMessage Chrome Extension and looking at your Event details!

Here are some examples of Event Properties: product_id , title , product_url , product_type .

Visitor Property
Visitor Properties are specific strings of personal information about the visitor that you are messaging. An examples of a user property is a user's first name. 

You can use variables in your messages to reference data from the Event specified in your Inclusion Rule. When editing messages, you can refer to the Event Data using {{event.key_name}} and Visitor Properties using {{visitor.key_name}}.


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