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Messenger Flows allow you to automatically reach customers at pivotal points of the customer journey, freeing up your time, while building meaningful relationships. 

Now, you can turn your most successful email Flows into Messenger Flows! Create Flows to reach users with relevant, valuable and engaging messages, based on where they are in the customer journey. 

With Flows, you can welcome new visitors, remind users they've abandoned a cart, thank them for a purchase and more. These Flows work together to keep customers engaged, increase revenue and create lasting relationships.

How Flows Work

ShopMessage tracks every user’s shopping behavior on your e-commerce site, including which products they viewed, what’s in their cart, and their purchases. Merchants can use these events to trigger personalized events based on specific criteria.

Abandoned cart reminders, for example, are triggered 30 minutes after a user updates their cart, as long as they have not yet completed their purchase.

Similar to abandoned cart reminders, automated flows are triggered when users meet the criteria that you have set. Use Inclusion Rules to set an Event that will trigger the message Flow and Exclusion Rules to exclude users based a different Event or specific User Property.

Flows allow you to trigger a single message, or a series of messages over time. For example, you can choose to send an Order Confirmation and welcome message to someone who has just completed their first purchase. Or, you can send a series of three messages, over time, to someone who has not completed a purchase in the last 30 days.

Choose how many messages to send, the content of the message(s) and how long after the event the message(s) should send. 

Check out our Order Confirmation template:

Pretty cool, right? It doesn't stop there, you can build customized flows that work for your brand! 

Types of Flows

ShopMessage has created simple Flow templates for you to quickly get started. 

Here are some of our pre-built Flow options:

  • Browse Abandonment: Send light touch message to bring a recently browsed product to top of mind. 

  • Cart Abandonment: Send message reminders to users who have added an item to their cart, but have not completed a purchase.

  • Customer Thank You: Send a thank you note, receipt, future discount and more to anyone who completes a purchase.

  • Purchase Anniversary: Celebrate the day a user made a purchase with a special note and offer.

  • Customer Winback: Re-engage lapsed buyers with a note and offer. 

  • Custom Flows: Build customizable flows based on your most successful email practices!

Learn how to customize flows here.

Have questions or a new Flow idea? As always, reach us via in-app support or email us at [email protected].

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