The ShopMessage JavaScript client SDK allows any e-commerce store, including custom coded stores, to use ShopMessage to earn more revenue and build customer relationships over Facebook Messenger. This article covers the technical implementation.

We have two options for integrating ShopMessage:

  1. Full Service Integration: Simply add our loader script to every page on your site (~20 min). Our engineering team will do the integration work for your custom site.

  2. Self Service Integration: If you have a development team and prefer to do the integration yourself, follow the directions below. (~4 hours)

How does ShopMessage work?

ShopMessage is a marketing automation platform built for Facebook Messenger. ShopMessage tracks user behavior on the e-commerce website, including optin, ViewProduct , UpdateCart , and PurchaseComplete. Each of these events also includes various metadata, including product details and cart contents. These events can later be used to trigger messages via Facebook Messenger.

Full Service Integration

ShopMessage provides a Full Service Integration where the client simply adds the loader script to every page on the site. The loader script is available in the ShopMessage dashboard that was created for you. You can add the script using Google Tag Manager, or any other script manager. The ShopMessage engineering team will handle the rest.

Self-Serve Integration

Integrate ShopMessage with your website using our self-serve instructions! Please note, we do recommend enlisting the help of a developer. Instructions here!

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