You can use Google Tag Manager or any other tag manager to load the ShopMessage script on your site. You just need to make sure the ShopMessage script is loaded on all of your pages via Google Tag Manager. 

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Copy your ShopMessage snippet

Log into your ShopMessage dashboard, click on Settings on the left navigation bar. There you will find the code snippet specific to your site. Copy this to the clipboard

Step 2: Open Google Tag Manager and add a new tag.

Log in and navigate to your Default Workspace, or whatever workspace is live. Click the "Add a new tag" button.

Step 3: Configure your new tag for Custom HTML

Step 4: Paste and configure your ShopMessage code snippet

Paste the code snippet from Step 1 into the HTML container. Expand the Advanced Settings to fire the tag Once per page.

Step 5: Trigger the code to run on All Pages and save the new tag

Step 6: Publish the tag to the live site.

Yay! Now the ShopMessage SDK is available on your live site.

Step 7: Add ShopMessage events
At this point, you can have a choice of whether to continue to use Google Tag Manager events, or have the ShopMessage team code the events on your behalf.

You can follow this article on how to fire the ViewProduct, UpdateCart, and PurchaseComplete events: Integrating your site.

You can also use the ShopMessage Chrome plugin to verify your installation

If you have any questions, you can contact us at [email protected]

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