Checkbox States

The Facebook Messenger checkbox widget currently has two states, checked or unchecked. If you had a pre-checked checkbox prior to September 21, 2018 your checkbox will automatically appear like this:

If you had not previously secured pre-check approval, your checkbox will default to an unchecked state, like this:

As of September 21, 2018 Facebook has globally changed it's Messenger policies regarding the pre-checked checkbox widget. Unfortunately, app developers are no longer able to secure pre-check approval on behalf of Facebook Pages. 

What do I do if my checkbox isn't pre-checked?

Even without the pre-checked opt-in, Facebook Messenger is still significantly more powerful than email. Users can opt in without typing in an email address and see open rates as high as 85%.

What's Next?

It's as important as ever to grow your Facebook Messenger subscriber list, and ShopMessage is here to help. ShopMessage is launching more ways for your users to opt in - watch your inbox for updates! 

Have additional questions or an idea to opt users in on your store? Send us an email at [email protected] 😊

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