ShopMessage cares about your end user experience and we want your customers to find their conversations useful and enjoyable.  

As such, we provide our customers with all of the tools to comply with Facebook policies and to ensure their end users are expecting to receive messages from their Page. Please read through our feature offers below and make sure you're store is taking advantage of each one:

  1. Requiring the checkbox widget to be added directly below the "Add to Cart" button. This placement is strategic as the users who opt in likely have high purchase intent and will have a positive reaction to your Page's messages.

  2. Offering a way to provide Opt In Messaging so your users know exactly what they're opting into. This text is displayed next to your Checkbox widget so customers know that when the checkbox is checked, they are opting into receiving messages from your brand. 

  3. Abiding by the 24+1 rule - according to Facebook’s policies, you can send as many “Standard Messages” within 24 hours of a user interaction, plus one message after the 24-hour window. 

Please make sure your ShopMessage Checkbox Widget looks like the below image. It should be placed directly below your "Add to Cart" button and also include opt in messaging.

Using all of the ShopMessage compliance features and still received a warning or limit notice?

Facebook can still take action against your Page if user negative feedback reports exceeds a certain threshold. This typically happens when users do not expect to get a message. 

Has your page ever used a Messenger bot before? 

Facebook Pages that are new to using ShopMessage may receive more frequent warnings or limitations from Facebook. This is because your negative feedback may appear to be higher than average compared to smaller amounts of feedback you had before installing ShopMessage. It may take Facebook's algorithms some time to adjust to your new Messenger efforts.

Are you only using the second and/or third reminder options?

The top-performing reminder message across all brands is the first reminder. If you have decided to turn that reminder off, leaving only the second and/or third, you may be surprising your customers by contacting them after so long. Try shutting all reminders, besides the first reminder to see how that affects your Messenger feedback rates.

Still not sure why you're receiving warnings or limitations from Facebook?

We recommend that you contact your Facebook representative to gather some more information or appeal any limitation decisions. 

If you need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to the ShopMessage team at [email protected] We are a Facebook partner and we will do our best to assist your shop. 

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