To ensure the best possible customer experience, we want to give your subscribers options. So, we've implemented a "snooze" feature! This feature is now active for all Facebook Pages using ShopMessage. 

When a user receives any message in your Abandoned Cart Reminder Sequence they will see two buttons below the message. One message says "Thanks" and the other "No Thanks." When the user clicks one of these options they're letting us know if they want to continue receiving messages or not.

Previously, when a user selected "No Thanks,"  we would simply opt them out of the current three-message sequence. But, if the user visited the site again and added another product to their cart, they would be opted in again.

To avoid sending messages to users who have already selected "No Thanks," we've made that button act as a "snooze" feature. This means that once a user selects "No Thanks" they will not receive any messages from your Facebook Page for 30 days, even if they continue to add items to their cart.
After 30 days, if a user visits your store and adds an item to their cart they will opt back into your Abandon Cart Reminder Message Sequence. 

A 30 day "snooze" is the default for every Facebook Page, if you would like to customize your Page's "snooze" time, send us an email at [email protected].

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