Why Use Abandon Cart Flows: 

Up to 90% of shoppers leave a website without completing a purchase. With an abandon checkout flow you can recover that lost revenue. This can be more than 10x more effective than email due to higher opt-in rates and a better messaging experience.

Optimizing Your Messages:

  • Turn off your third reminder message.
    Unless you are offering content that is completely different (eg. a larger discount) than your first two reminders, this reminder is not necessary. 

  • Include a discount.
    Merchants that provide a 15% or more discount convert, on average, at roughly double of those not offering a discount. If discounts aren't inline with your brand, try reiterating offers you already have in place (eg. free shipping over $50).

  • Customize your messages text.
    Tailor all of your messages so they are inline with your brand voice. Messages should be conversation and friendly!

    Don't forget to include emojis 😃, this often leads to a higher open rate since users will see the emoji(s) in the push notification.

  • Consider adding messaging that relays product scarcity.  
    Letting your users know that their cart may expire or that items are limited quantity can increase conversion rates.

  • Update quick replies and the responses to quick replies
    Edit the existing quick replies or add your own to make your messages feel conversational. If you want to offer additional information the quick reply responses are a great place to do that.

    Please note, as a best practice you should always reply to a quick reply to ensure the conversation doesn't feel as if it was left open ended.

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