Customizing Your Checkbox Widget Display

To style your Checkbox Widget visit your ShopMessage Dashboard and click on Settings. From there, click on the Checkbox Widget tab. 

Turning your Checkbox Widget display on and off. 

Use the button to turn you checkbox display off and on. Please remember that blue is on, and if you shut off your checkbox display your Page will not be opting users in or sending messages.

Aligning your Checkbox Widget

Choose whether your checkbox should be left or center aligned.
Here's what a left-aligned checkbox will look like:

Here's what a center-aligned checkbox will look like: 

Choosing a Widget Skin

ShopMessage defaults to the light option, as most sites are lighter colors. Depending on the background color of your website, you may need to change your widget skin to ensure that it's clearly displayed.

Here's what a Light widget will look like:

Here's what a Dark widget will look like:

Include Opt In Messaging

ShopMessage recommends that you have your Opt In Messaging turned on. The opt in message is a short string of text that clearly explains to suers what they are opting into. Add clear and concise text here. Our default text is a great example: "Get updates on your cart in Messenger."

If your checkbox isn't displaying properly, or you need to customize your placement, you can check out our customization instructions or send us an email at [email protected]

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