For 95% of shops, ShopMessage automatically finds the Add to Cart button on your product page and inserts the checkbox directly after. While this works most of the time, there are a few things that can prevent your ShopMessage checkbox from displaying. Let's troubleshoot. 

Are you currently logged into Facebook? 

The ShopMessage Checkbox widget will display on any device's browser (desktop, mobile, tablet) when the user who is viewing your store is logged into Facebook within that browser session.

If the user is not logged into Facebook, the Checkbox will not show up in that browser. This is intentional because the goal is to keep the user within the purchase flow, and having them log into Facebook can be interrupting and cumbersome, especially on a mobile phone.

Is your ShopMessage checkbox enabled in your dashboard?
Visit your ShopMessage dashboard and click "Settings," then click on "Checkbox Widget." Make sure your "Checkbox Widget Below Add to Cart Button" is turned "on." Once it's "on" it should be blue, like the image below. 

Has an Admin of your Facebook page connected ShopMessage?
The person responsible for connecting ShopMessage to a Facebook Page must be an Admin of the Facebook Page. If you're not an Admin, please ask an Admin of the the Facebook Page to change your permissions to Admin so that you can connect, or have a user that is an Admin connect the page. Once you've connected with Admin permissions your checkbox should display. 

Are you logged into Facebook within your browser session?
The checkbox shows up on desktop and mobile only when a user is logged into Facebook within that browser session. If the user is not logged into Facebook, the checkbox will not show up. This is intentional because the goal is to keep the user within the purchase flow.

Do you have a conflicting app installed?
Having two or more messenger applications installed on your Shopify Store can cause unpredictable behavior. Please uninstall any other Messenger applications and see if that allows your checkbox to display. 

If you're using another messenger app for other features and do not want to uninstall, please either disconnect your Facebook Page from the other Messenger Bot's dashboard or visit and delete that app from your Business Integrations tab. 

Are you using HTML customizations or non-standard Shopify product pages?
 ShopMessage specifically looks for the standard Shopify "Add To Cart" HTML form and appends the checkbox to the end of this. If your HTML form is non-standard or has been modified, it may prevent ShopMessage from being able to automatically place the checkbox widget.

In these cases, it is important to place the checkbox in the correct place by inserting the ShopMessage checkbox div. Click here for more instructions on inserting your checkbox widget.

Have you added your website to your approved whitelist domains?
Visit your ShopMessage dashboard and click "Settings", this will direct you to the "Facebook" tab. Within the Facebook tab you will see the "Authorized Websites" section. 

Please ensure that both your website domain and the ShopMessage domain ( are added to your authorized websites. 

Please note, if you have many whitelist domains this may take some time to load. If you're experiencing loading issues please try back in 5-10 minutes. 

Are you using the ShopMessage Customer Chat application?
The Customer Chat app is currently undergoing maintenance and we will be releasing an updated version in the coming weeks. The ShopMessage app and Customer Chat app, in their current states, may cause unpredictable behavior. Please uninstall customer chat to allow our ShopMessage checkbox to display. 

Still having trouble with your checkbox display?
Send us an email at [email protected] and our team will get to the bottom of this for you. 🔍

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