ShopMessage sends abandonment reminders to visitors who don't make a purchase. We do our best to identify when a user made a purchase, but there are rare cases where this is not possible, and a small number of users may get a reminder even after they've already made a purchase.

Troubleshooting: Alternative Checkouts

The most common cause of this is that your customers are transacting through a non-standard, non-Shopify checkout system like  Carthook, One Click Upsell, Klarna, ReCharge, Sezzle, AfterPay, Affirm. If your shop is using one of these systems, make sure to place our conversion snippet on that system's purchase confirmation page. Your shop has a unique snippet that identifies your site. You can find it on Opt-In Settings section of your ShopMessage Dashboard.

Multiple Device Scenarios

In rare scenarios, usually involving multiple devices, it is possible for users to receive abandoned cart messages even after making the purchase.

Here is an example:

  • First, session A: User visits your shop on a desktop browser, is logged in to Facebook, Adds to Cart, then leaves the site without purchasing or entering an email. This will trigger an abandoned cart message in 30 minutes.

  • Later, session B: User then browses on a separate browser or device (eg. mobile) without clicking the ShopMessage link, then finishes the purchase.

In this case, there is no 100% reliable way to associate those two user sessions as the same user. So, the user will still get further abandoned cart messages because it appears the user in session A did not finish the purchase.

If the user provided the same email address we will recognize them across devices also, but there are some cases where technically it's not possible to identify or match users if they are using different devices.

We do our best to constantly improve this, but it's not always possible due to the current technical limitations.

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