If your business is located in or sells to customers in Canada or the EU, your usage of ShopMessage may be subject to laws and regulations.

While ShopMessage can be used to send messages using Facebook Messenger,  your business is ultimately responsible for staying compliant, as the messages come from your business's Facebook Page.

This article will help you to stay compliant with the laws. Note that this is no way intended to be legal guidance, and that you should consult with legal counsel to ensure you are fully compliant.

Legislation: CASL and EU Opt-In Directive

In Canada, CASL covers all commercial electronic messages, including those sent by non-profit organizations. Commercial electronic messages are defined as messages that have as their purpose, or one of their purposes, to encourage participation in a commercial activity.

In the EU, the EU Opt-In Directive covers all direct email marketing messages, including charitable and political messages.

Your customers need to explicitly give your page consent to send them messages. To satisfy this, the "Send to messenger" checkbox needs to be unchecked by default.

To accomplish this, you must insert the following code snippet into your product liquid page within your Shopify theme. Note that the checkbox will appear within this <div>, so it must be placed in a conspicuous location. Be sure to set the variable prechecked  to "false" .

<div id="shopmessage-checkbox" prechecked="false"></div> 

2. Language Regarding Promotional Content

You can add text next to the checkbox plugin, telling visitors that they would be opting into marketing / promotional content. Again, you can do this by adding HTML into your product liquid page right next to the checkbox.

3. Including Mailing Address

You can customize your message templates to include the business's physical mailing address. You can also use these messages to explain how to opt-out of receiving further messages.

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